Witnica Brewery

Address Marii Konopnickiej 1, 66-460 Witnica
www www.piwolubuskie.pl., http://sklep.browar-witnica.pl.
e-mail office@browar-witnica.pl
Phone +48 95 751 51 14, +48 793 309 111
The beers brewed in Witnica are well known and loved by the people of the Lubusz Voivodeship. The brewery offers a wide range of brews, from traditional lagers to fruit ales, honeyed beers and chocolate stouts. The brewery has recently opened the Lubusz Museum of Brewing in the old malt-house. The museum’s location lends it a unique atmosphere. Once they complete the tour of the museum, visitors have the opportunity to taste the local beers and buy individual bottles or special sets. In June, during the annual Piwowaria festival, the museum is open free-of-charge to the local residents. The Brewery is open for individual tours on Mondays at 11.00 AM.



Lubusz Oder Defile

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