Brotherhood of the Rooster Park

Address Witkowo Pierwsze, 73-102 Witkowo Pierwsze
Phone 533474111
The Brotherhood of the Rooster was established in 1742 by Julliusz Działyński in Witkowo near Gniezno. To commemorate the traditions of their town’s namesake, the citizens of Witkowo near Stargard named their park after the Brotherhood, which is an association dedicated to promoting the history and tradition of Polish arms, in particular among the youth, increasing the defensive potential of the Polish state by providing shooting training to the citizens, promoting public order and safety, fighting social issues, promoting an active lifestyle and sports, and organising recreational activities for children and youth. The Brotherhood also promotes European integration and fosters international contacts and cooperation. In the park, you can see a boulder with a plaque commemorating the establishment of the Brotherhood of the Rooster.


Pyrzyce-Stargard Plain

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