Pyrzyce-Stargard Plain

About the region

The region is a perfect destination for tourists who prefer vast, open spaces. There are numerous lakes, the largest of which is Lake Miedwie and the most beautiful is probably Lake Ińsko with its very diverse shoreline, offering various forms of active leisure, including scuba-diving, sailing and kayaking. You can go on a kayak trip on a number of rivers, including the Płonia, the Ina and the Mała Ina. Equipment can be rented in one of the many local outlets.

The region also has a long and fascinating history. In early Middle Ages, the Cistercian monks, brought to these lands by the local dukes, founded the famous Abbey in Kołbacz. Bishop Otto of Bamberg came to the region invited by the king of Poland, Bolesław III Wrymouth, to baptise the local people. The bishop’s itinerary was referred to for centuries as the “Polish Way”. In Pyrzyce, you can see “St Otto’s Well” marking the site where the bishop baptised the pagans in 1124.

One of the characteristic features of the regional landscape are the castles of the Dukes of Pomerania and the major Pomeranian knighthood families, either well-preserved like the castle on Pęzino, or ruined like the spectacular castle in Szadzko. Historical buildings are used for various purposes today, for instance as culture centres, museums or offices.

Sightseeing of the LAG’s area is facilitated by several dozen hiking and cycling tourist trails. Tourists can also participate in field games, for instance in Pyrzyce or in Kołbacz.

About the association

The Local Action Group “WIR” brings together 13 communes from the Pyrzyce and Stargard districts, and one commune from the Gryfino district. The communes are located in the West Pomerania Lake District, in the mesoregions of the Pyrzyce-Stargard Plain, the Ina Lake District, and the southern fringes of the Nowogard Plain. The landscape of the region is diverse, but due to the fertile black earth soil, the dominating type are the farmlands.