Western Trail of Historical Churches of the Stargard District (blue marks)

Distance 93.0 km
Duration 7:00
Difficulty hard
The trail runs through three communes of the Stargard District: Stargard, Kobylanka and Stara Dąbrowa. It crosses the Ina River and its creek, Mała Ina. On the way there can be admired stunning young glacial landscapes. Numerous eskers, kames and drumlins which make the monotonous plain more attractive. With all this there are associated many legends and stories based on true events, including the one about an abbot from Kołbacz, for whom the devil brought whitefish to Miedwie Lake. The trail runs along Miedwie Lake for a dozen or so kilometres, which is one of five the largest lakes in Poland.
distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.

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Pyrzyce-Stargard Plain

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